Shredded efb fibre

Shredded EFB Fibre

Shredding process cut EFB into smaller and loose structure, which improve the volume-weight ratio.  This enhance the bio-fuelcharacteristic.

Application for Shredded EFB Fibre

Chemical Composition for Shredded EFB Fibre

Raw Shredded EFB can be use as solid fuel for steam boiler.
Due to its low chlorine content, shredded efb fiber is a safe and sustainable bio-fuel resource  to replace petroleum and coal to produce bio-fuel briquette.
Shredded  fibre can be use to produce bio-oil through pyrolysis process.
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The moisture for Shredded EFB fibre at the range of 40-50% relative humidity, it need to be further dry up at the biomass plant right before the burning process.
The calorific value for shredded EFB is 18800kJ/kg,
The fibre length of shredded EFB is at within 6-inch, and this size of length also suitable for biomass burning.
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